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1,Big capacity, high hulling rate, low rice broken rate, work stability, low noise.

2,High degree of automation

(1 ) Automatic detection, automatic open feed—in door and fold roller with material

(2 ) Rubber roller abrasion automatic compensation into the roller in processing

(3 ) Automatic detection, automatic close feed-in door and apart roller without material

3,Continuously regulate the pressure of roll-engagement, suitable for different areas of raw grain processing

4,Perfect motor overload automatic protection function, equipment operation more reliable.

5,The operation is simple, a single operator can easily replace the rubber roller.

Type Specification
ZHU10B 3-4  籼稻  籼稻:4%  180 7.5+4+0.37 1180×860×1610 1280
4-5  粳稻   粳稻:1.5%
ZHU10C 3-4  籼稻  籼稻:4%  180 7.5+4+0.37 1180×900×1510 1330
4-5  粳稻   粳稻:1.5%
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