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1.The low-noise drive device is adopted to drive the rubber roller directly,and the low-speed manual and antomatic interchange mode of the rubber roller to replace the traditional gearbox transmission technology,without oil leakage,which meets the high requirements of mational environmental protection.

2.Adopt the latest frequency conversion energy saving technology with more stable performance.Through the flexible control of frequency conversion variable speed under different grain conditions,the optimal line speed of fast and slow rollers can be achieved,thus can reducing rubber roller lost,reducing broken rate,and reducing energy consumption,and great improved husk rate and capacity of the equipment.

3.Manual and automatic two-way interchange functions of the fast and slow rollers are adopted,in which the automatic functions can be set at any time to realize the automatic exchange of the fast and slow rollers without stopping machine,which saves the manual frequent shift gears and rollers,with intelligent control functions.

4.Global brand bearings,sensors and high-end electrical components be used,with a stable and reliable performance,and long life service.

5.With an active circulating cooling system to adjust the internal temperature and operating room lighting in real time.

6.Fully automatic control system,automatic detection,automatic roll touch each other for work with paddy,automatic roll separate without paddy,the roll touched pressure can be adjusted by limitless,greatly reducing the labor intensity.

7.It is suitable for the different raw grains processing,with a high processing yield,high husk rate and low broken rate.

Type Specification
ZNLG25E×2 6-7 籼稻  籼稻:3%  8000 7.5×4 2480×1060×2565 2300
7-9 粳稻 粳稻:1%
ZNLG36E×2 10-13 籼稻  籼稻:3%  10000 11×4 2520×1145×2653 2550
11-14 粳稻 粳稻:1%
ZNLG51E×2 14-18 籼稻  籼稻:3%  13000 15×4 2780×1294×2700 3100
18-22 粳稻 粳稻:1%
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