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MLGQ25ESx2 Duplex double-speed rice huller

MLGQ25ESx2 Duplex double-speed rice huller with weighted roller is a new generation of product developed on the basis of MLGQ25E rice huller by Zhejiang  LiangGong  Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. It has the MLGQ25E various technical indicators at the same time to overcome the trouble that small roll rubber roller need to swap before and after the roller speed and can be easily replaced so as to further ensure the shelling effect of stability, greatly reducing Labor intensity of the worker.


1.Big capacity, high hulling rate, low rice broken rate, work stability, low noise.

2.High degree of automation:

(1)Automatic detection, automatic open feed—in door and fold roller with material.

(2)Rubber roller abrasion automatic compensation into the roller in processing.

(3)Automatic detection, automatic close feed-in door and apart roller without material.

3.Continuously regulate the pressure of roll-engagement, suitable for different areas of raw grain processing.

4.Vibratory feeding mechanism, unloading uniform, non-blocking material, easy to adjust.

5.Perfect motor overload automatic protection function, equipment operation more reliable.

6.Simple operation, pneumatic shift, eliminating the workers in the rubber roller grinding before.


Type Specification
MLGQ25ES×2 7-8 籼稻  籼稻:4%  8000 7.5×2 2370×1180×2470 1500
8-10 粳稻   粳稻:1.5%
MLGQ36ES×2 10-14 籼稻  籼稻:4%  10000 11×2 2380×1336×2537 2000
12-16 粳稻   粳稻:1.5%
MLGQ51ES×2 14-18 籼稻  籼稻:4%  12000 15×2 2440×1485×2562 2300
18-24 粳稻   粳稻:1.5%
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