Working Principle of The Rice Grader


The people regard food as the heaven. Rice is a very sp […]

The people regard food as the heaven. Rice is a very special commodity. It cannot be separated from three meals a day. The quality of rice has never been overlooked since ancient times, and it is not excessive to describe Taishan as its quality. With the development of the food storage and processing industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for rice ranges from eating to eating, eating well to eating healthy and nutritious. The quality of rice will directly affect the health and safety of people. Therefore, the quality and technical supervision departments at all levels attach great importance and people's attention.

Rice is a finished product made of rice after cleaning, cereals, rice milling, and finishing of finished products. The clean-up process is to remove all kinds of impurities mixed into rice by appropriate equipment and proper process and proper operation methods, so as to improve the quality of finished rice products, and use magnets to remove iron nails and iron chips in rice. To ensure production safety.

However, due to the low level of overall rice processing, there are still many quality problems and technical problems to be resolved during the actual production and processing (such as: how to remove the different color grains and colored impurities in rice and ensure the purity of rice; how To separate broken rice from rice and detect cracks in rice, increase the overall rice rate, etc.). Due to the existence of these problems, the economic value of rice in the market is greatly reduced. These problems need to be solved as soon as possible, and it will be one of the future development trends that the rice will be sold to the market after being classified according to the quality or transformed products. Then the development of the rice grader must be carried out.

The rice grader utilizes a large-scale flat gyration motion, uses the difference in grain size between the whole rice and broken rice, and has a unique body structure. It is equipped with an accurate punching sieve plate, and the special rice, rice, and broken rice in the white rice are used. The accurate separation of small broken rice improves the uniformity of white rice and creates a higher value of goods. The rice classifier can be used to classify other granular materials by particle size. The feed mechanism of the machine adopts pressure adjustment and front suction device. The pressure gate device enables the material to evenly distribute the screen surface and improve the screening efficiency. The wind device can effectively reduce the white rice temperature. The machine adopts a new pressing device, which is simple and convenient to clean the screen.