What Should the Paddy Husker Machine Operator Pay Attention to


1. Install the Paddy Husker in smooth place before star […]

1. Install the Paddy Husker in smooth place before starting and check whether all the related parts are normal, the connection is loose and the transmission belt is in good condition. Pay attention to the lubrication situation of all the parts. Only after ensuring the above parts are normal can you make paddy husker machine starts working.

2. Remove debris in the brown rice, such as stone aggregates and iron. There should not be big rocks and iron , so as not to damage the paddy husker machine. Check whether the rice humidity is meeting the requirements or not.

If all the above preparation work is done well, now you can start the paddy husker to mill rice.

After working, there are also some important things which needs your attention. When you demount the paddy husker machine, you should notice the following items to avoid damage of the machine.

1. Demount the paddy husker machine in a reasonable order. Generally it is from accessories to main parts and from outside to inside.

2. Classify the machine parts according to property and precision degree of the material.

3. Reduce demounting time.

4. Clean up mud or grease before demounting and keep tidy during the process.

5. Prepare well for installation after demounting, thus increasing installation efficiency and correctness. Mark the machine parts during demounting.

6. Use proper tools to demount the paddy husker plant without fierce knocking to avoid damage or deformation of the machine parts .