We Have To Maintain The Paddy Husker


The paddy husker is mainly composed of rice machine, cr […]

The paddy husker is mainly composed of rice machine, crusher, motor, and frame. The rice machine is mainly composed of a cover, a middle seat, a machine seat, a rice roller, a rice sieve, a rice knife, a feed hopper, and a sieve. The crusher mainly consists of a hopper, a crusher housing, and a hopper. The milled rice part of the rice mill can process rice into rice at the same time and complete the separation of rice, millet, and broken rice. The crushing part can be used to crush rice, corn, sorghum, beans, potatoes, stems and beating. However, the moisture content and the impurity content of the processed object will directly affect the quality of rice and the efficiency of the machine, and the load. For other purposes, it will lead to violation of the intended use of the machine.

Paddy husker is a machine that uses mechanical force to peel and whiten brown rice. Do you know what to prepare for the rice mill before it is turned on? Here we will introduce the preparation of rice mills before they are turned on. Before starting the rice-milling machine, the machine should be installed stably, check whether the components are normal, whether the parts and their connections are loosened, and the drive belts are elastic. The belts must be flexible to pull the belts. Pay attention to the lubrication of the transmission parts. After some checks are normal, the switch can be started. We need to remove the debris (such as stones, iron tools, etc.) in the rice we want to grind, and we must not have rocks or iron blocks that are too big or too long to avoid accidents. Check whether the wet and dry level of rice meets the requirements, then insert the hopper board into the hopper, and put the rice into the hopper for treatment.

Paddy husker is a kind of grain processing equipment. During use, we must maintain it regularly to extend the life of the rice mill. Rice milled rice should maintain a certain degree of dryness, and the general moisture content should not exceed 15%. When the moisture content of rice is too high, the rice crushed is large, affecting the quality of rice, and the power consumption also increases. Pay attention to the presence of nails, stones, and other debris in the paddy, so as not to enter the white room and cause blockage or damage to the rice sieve.

Before starting the machine, check the meter, rice knife, roller core and other parts to see if the bolts and nuts are tightened. When the machine is turned on, the air load runs to the normal speed, and then the rice is poured into the hopper, and the operation of the rice mill is always observed. After the work is done every day, the rice mill and its supporting facilities are inspected once and the problems are found to be dealt with promptly to ensure that the rice mills are always in good condition.