The Rice Whitener Operation Method and Precautions


The rice whitener is mainly composed of a fixed spanner […]

The rice whitener is mainly composed of a fixed spanner, tightening a nut wrench, a brush, a hopper, a grinding wheel, and a wire brush. The mechanical force of mechanical equipment is widely used to peel and whiten the brown rice. The mechanical equipment used is called a rice whitener.

Operation method

1. Place the rice mill on the bench and insert the power plug.

2. Determine the whitening time, adjust the timing knob.

3. Remove the hopper pressure, take 17-20g of brown rice (water content is not more than 15% is appropriate) into the hopper, let it flow into the white room. Press the power button first to start, then release the pressure.

4. At the specified time, the rice mill will stop automatically, remove the hopper, and remove the skin. Then insert the hopper, then remove the pressure rake, turn the front handle to the right, so that the fine rice in the white room falls into the hopper, turn the time knob to 0, press the power button to idle the wheel for a few seconds, make the mill In the white room, all the grains of rice were dropped, and then the rice bucket was pulled out and sieved to obtain the measured polished rice.


1. Before entering the falling hopper, brown rice should be checked for metal objects and stones so as not to damage the grinding wheel.

2. After the whitening is finished, the front rotating block should be pulled out to clean the rice sugar left in the white room so as not to affect the accuracy of the sample.

3. Whitening accuracy by the variety of brown rice to determine the number of samples and whitening time, the number of low-precision samples 17-18g is appropriate, slightly shorter whitening time; high precision sample number 20g is appropriate, slightly whitening time long.

4. When the machine is used for a long time and after grinding excessively brown rice, when the rice-cone bonded grinding wheel affects the fineness of whiteness, the wrench can be used to remove the grinding wheel, and the wire brush can be used to remove the powder, and it can be used as it is.