The Advantages of Paddy Separator Machine from china-zjlg


Paddy separator machine from china-zjlg threshes rice w […]

Paddy separator machine from china-zjlg threshes rice with the highest efficiency and lowest damage. We have industrial most advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality of the products. There are many advantages:

Precise rice husk separation

1. The feeding point is connected to a blanking trough and a vibrating feeder, which accurately guides the grain into the rubber roller at an optimal speed and adjusts the pressure appropriately to suit different types of rice;

2. The air separation system blows out the air around the rubber roller for strong cooling;

3. The rice separator performs precise rice bran separation of the grain flow enclosed in the gas stream, and finally cleanly divides the raw materials into two parts;

4. The rice husk separation process can be conveniently viewed through a wide window and precise adjustments can be made.

Stable and efficient shelling process

1. Accurately set high-strength shelling rate to ensure excellent and stable high-output shelling;

2. The shelling rate remains stable, thus ensuring a high rate of rice output;

3. The automatic shelling pressure control system can maintain a stable shelling rate, ensuring stable power consumption and longer rubber roll life.

Reliable and outstanding operating performance

1.Vibration feeder helps precise feed and prevent blocking;

2. The product is pre-accelerated to ensure the highest leakage rate through the blanking tank;

3. Automatic feeding point control and make up the rubber roller wear;

4. The screed blade is made of high wear-resistant steel;

5. Stable product quality.