Spindle Cleaning and Lubrication Operation in Paddy Separator


During the use of the Paddy Separator, periodically che […]

During the use of the Paddy Separator, periodically check whether the fixing nut of the movable toothed disc is loose and all the fastening parts are not loose. In particular, check the processing equipment to fix the screws in the sprocket wheel. Properly inject the lubricant before starting work, and increase the number of refueling for continuous work. Be sure to replace the new lubricant after cleaning the bearing cavity of the paddy separator spindle.

The effect of the paddy separator is closely related to the quality, output, rice yield and electricity consumption of the product. Therefore, when the rice is required to be shelled, the rice grains should be kept intact, and the grain of the rice should be reduced to facilitate the increase of the rice yield; the smooth surface of the brown rice should be avoided as much as possible to improve the effect of the separation of the grains; Stable shelling rate, which is conducive to the increase of production in Taiwan; it is necessary to save power and reduce the consumption of rubber rollers to reduce the processing cost. According to the technological characteristics of rice, the threshing machine should be carefully operated according to local conditions to ensure good process results and improve the economic benefits of the rice plant.

Carefully carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the paddy separator motor. The motor is dismantled and maintained, the equipment motor bearing is cleaned or replaced, the insulation is monitored, and the cooling system is perfected to ensure that the motor is running in good condition. It is necessary to ensure the quality of maintenance. When the equipment motor is repaired, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the technical requirements of the original machine, strictly control the quality of the replaced parts and the enameled wire, correctly operate the various processes, prevent various hidden dangers caused by human beings, and improve the repairs. The quality of the motor runs to ensure that the control system is operational.