Some Processes Affecting Paddy Husker Effects


Full understanding of the operation of the paddy husker […]

Full understanding of the operation of the paddy husker can help increase the husking rate of the husker, reduce the crushing of the husks and damage to the surface of the husks, increase production, and reduce consumption.

1. Traffic

The flow rate mainly affects the shelling rate of the paddy husker, the damage rate of the brown rice, the level of the plastic consumption, and the yield of brown rice. If the flow rate is too high, the number of rice grains between the two rollers increases and the arrangement is disordered, and the chance of rice contact with the rubber roller is low. Therefore, the shelling rate during the grain-cutting period is reduced, the crushed grains are increased, the rubber consumption is increased, and the yield may be reduced. If the flow rate is too low, the number of rice grains between the rolls is small, and the chance of contact with the rubber roller is high. Although the shelling rate may be increased, the yield may be reduced and the rubber consumption may be increased.

2. Rolling pressure.

When the line speed difference is constant, the proper roll-to-roller pressure has a higher shelling rate, less damage on the surface of brown rice, low roughness and low waist loss, and low plastic consumption; excessive roller pressure, the surface of brown rice is seriously damaged, and the crushing occurs As the waist rises, the rubber consumption increases. When the roller pressure is too low, the rice grain is subjected to a low extrusion force between the rolls, so that the tearing force of the mortar is reduced, the shelling rate is reduced, and the process effect is poor.

3. Roller hardness and installation.

Suitable rubber roller hardness, with good shelling rate, low plastic consumption; too high roller hardness, easy to cause brown rice broken and explosion waist; too low roller hardness, black rice surface when shelling, plastic Increased consumption. The hardness of the roller is generally 80 Shore. ~90. Generally, the speed of the fast roll is 5 Shore higher than that of the slow roll. For the processing of indica rice or winter, hard rolls should be selected and the low hardness roll should be selected.

When the rubber roller is installed, the centerline of the two rollers must be parallel and the two rollers must be aligned. Otherwise, the utilization rate of the rubber roller will decrease, the rubber consumption will increase, and the shelling rate and output will also decrease.

4. Suction air volume. Appropriate air suction volume can ensure higher suction efficiency and reduce the occurrence of running grain. Excessively high suction air volume, although it can increase the efficiency of rice husk absorption, it can easily cause food grains to be sucked away and consume a large amount of power. If the suction air volume is too low, the efficiency of rice husk absorption decreases, and the grain mixture increases. Affects the effect of grain separation. Therefore, it should be equipped with its corresponding suction air volume according to different paddy husker.