Some Information about the Rice Whitener Machine


The rice whitener machine is the key milling equipment […]

The rice whitener machine is the key milling equipment in the rice processing line.

Main types

There are mainly three types of small rice whitener machines in China: separate rice whitener machine, milled rice whitener machine, and air-jet rice whitener machine.

1. Separating rice whitener machines are easy to operate and low in price, but the models are aging and the milled rice is of poor quality and has gradually been eliminated.

2. Rolling and milling rice whitener machine, the quality of processed rice is good, but its structure is complex and expensive.

3. Jet-type rice whitener machine, with a good cost performance, can be completed shelling, whitening procedures, processed finished products bright white, in recent years has become the market's mainstream products.

Main component

1. rice milling room

The rice milling room is the core of the rice whitener machine. Milling indoor hollow shaft, sand roller, iron roller, rice sieve and so on. The sand roller with ventilation holes is sleeved on the outside of the hollow shaft, the rice screen is placed on the outside of the sand roller, and the rice screen bar is fixed on the rice screen. The screw head is fixed on the feed end of the hollow shaft and the main shaft sleeve is fixed on the outside of the screw head.

2. sand roller, iron roller

Sand roller and iron roller are the main working parts of the rice milling room. The sand roller and the hollow shaft are connected through a fixed sleeve, and the fixed sleeve is provided with a vent hole.

3. feeding device

It consists of feed hoppers, feed gates, rams, and lever mechanisms. A feed hopper is arranged at the position of the feed inlet of the rack, and an inclined feed door is arranged in the feed hopper. One end of the feed door is fixed on the top rod and can swing up and down through a spring on the top rod.