Some Cautions for Using the Rice Polisher


With the increase in the degree of rural agricultural m […]

With the increase in the degree of rural agricultural mechanization, the majority of agricultural households can not do without the rice polisher. However, it also brought with it a lot of security risks. Such agricultural accidents have occurred repeatedly and the lessons have been painful. To ensure the safe use of rice polishers, the following must be observed.

1. Keep it safe. When the harvest of summer and autumn food ends every year and the rice polishers is no longer in use, it should be thoroughly scrubbed and stored in the room. It cannot be thrown on the ground or on the side of the field, leaving the wind and rain to make the parts rusty and damaged. Unsafe hidden dangers.

2. Complete repair before use. Before the harvest of summer and autumn crops, the rice polisher needs to be carefully inspected and repaired to check whether the bolts are loose, whether the bars are in good condition, and whether there are any problems with the transmission parts. Identify insecure factors and eliminate them. Do not run the disease.

3. Can not be free to move and install. The movement and installation of rice polisher and their power machines must be handled by skilled professional technicians. Do not do it yourself. When you move the rice polishers, you must turn off the power first, and the insulated wires must not be dragged on the ground to prevent the insulating layer from being worn out and causing electric shocks to hurt people.

4. Safety devices to complete. The safety device on the rice polishers and its power machine must be complete. If the belt must have a safety shield, the motor must be grounded to ensure personal safety.

5. Straw feed should be uniform. When polishing in a rice polisher, uniform feeding should be performed, and the amount of feeding should be appropriate. Straws should not be fed in bundles, and foreign matter mixed with straw must not be fed in. Otherwise, it is easy to damage parts and injure the human body. The human arm must not reach into the feeding port to prevent injury by a high-speed rotating pattern or even to cut the arm.

6. Continuous operating time should not be too long. The time for continuous operation should not be too long. After 5-6 hours of normal work, it is necessary to take a break and take a break. The safety of the rice polisher and its power machine is checked so that people can rest and the machine can be maintained. Otherwise, accidents may occur easily.

7. No self-made and eliminated rice polishers. Some people use homemade rice polishers or use old rice polishers to save money. This type of rice polisher is poor in safety and cannot be used.

8. Do not overload during work, otherwise it is not safe.