Small Paddy Separator Is easy to Operate and Fast


This small paddy separator is mainly composed of four p […]

This small paddy separator is mainly composed of four parts: rice machine, fan, motor and chassis. The rice machine is mainly composed of rice roller, rice sieve, rice knife, feeder, plastic rubber shell, pulley and adjusting device.

The utility model is characterized in that a spiral strip tooth is processed on the cylindrical surface of the roller, and the paddy separator of the utility model has the advantages of high rice milling speed, high rice yield and obvious energy saving effect. There are fans on the left and right sides of the paddy separator for separating rice bran and floating rice, which can reduce the temperature of rice and fully grind. The machine is easy to use and flexible, one-button rice milling, that is, ready to use, suitable for rural and market, fresh food stores.

Advantages of small paddy separator:

The paddy separator is a rice milling machine consisting of a power, feed, milling and separation system. The inner rice shaft has a cylindrical shape, and the rice into which it enters is blown by a fan to continuously collide with the high-speed running rice shaft to remove the rice outer shell, and the rice blast is removed by another fan. There is a rice regulator at the rice outlet of the paddy separator to adjust the size of the rice and the precision of the rice. The paddy separator is safe in operation of the box structure, and there are four rotatable wheels on the bottom to facilitate the movement of the paddy separator. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, good processing and installation process, small volume, low noise and convenient operation and use.

The above is about the contents of the complete set of paddy separator, the device has the advantages of low noise and convenient operation. I hope this content will help you. If you want to know more, please pay close attention to us.