Rubber Roller Husker Is Important For Agriculture


After growing, harvesting and drying the rice seed, the […]

After growing, harvesting and drying the rice seed, the next destination will be the mill. There are many poor villages that do not have enough money to invest in sophisticated rice milling machines, like a rice hunger relying on local rice mills. There are two ways to get rid of the shell of a rice grain, originally called "palay."

People used large mortars and pestles to mill rice before they invented the rubber roller husker. Rice seeds are grinded over and over again until the entire husk is removed, leaving only white rice grains. This process is called "Pag Babayo". Today, in the wake of industrial revolutions and new technologies, people use automated machinery to drive fuel or electricity to process husk.

In the process of removing the rice hull, automatic peeled machine will produce a lot of dust. People working in the rice mill use masks to avoid breathing dust. Milling machine equipped with a filter filter, collecting these rice for processing. Dust generated from rice mills is highly flammable, which is why proper collection management and disposal are necessary to avoid disasters. Seed husks are being collected, mostly for organic fertilizers. Combustion and mixing with the soil, industrial fertilizers are added to the compost pits.

This type of rubber roller husker takes “health,environmental protection” concept to keep maximally rice’s nutrition when milling the rice.It adopts split screen frame in internal rice mill so that users can easily maintain and replace damaged parts.what’s more, it adopts none rice knife design, reverse spiral roller with hexagonal rice screen and light milling technology so that to increase milled rice rate and reduce broken rice rate.Meanwhile,the bottom of the products can be equipped with sliding wheels for easy move;our product is assemble-able to save space during transportation.So It is more suitable and convenient than traditional household rice mill for users.