Rice Polisher Affects The Quality Of Rice


Rice polisher is based on the rotation of the screw sha […]

Rice polisher is based on the rotation of the screw shaft to make the materials replace each other in the process of fluidization. In the process of mutual displacement of the materials, it is rubbed with the cotton cloth fixed on the screw shaft to achieve the effect of polishing the material surface, so that the material to achieve the desired polishing effect.


Grain polishers, corn polishers, soybean polishers, and rice polishers are called grain polishers. They are a new type of food equipment that uses multi-functional grain to remove awns, polish, and remove mildew. In addition to the rice polishing machine, rice polishing machine can also be used to remove impurities such as corn, mung beans, soybeans, etc., to remove dust, dust, and polish, and to remove the mud face of beans at once. Widely used in food plants, soy products factory, farmers market market beans sales. The beans that have been polished have significantly improved the quality of beans and can be used for higher prices.


How it works: The raw grain flows in from the feed inlet and kneads the polished work area. The raw grains in the feeding bowl of the work area are spread evenly to ensure the uniform flow of the raw grains in the rear kneading polishing area. The seeds tangentially entering the working area from the feed inlet rub against the components of the rubbing and rubbing polishing system for the rotary motion, so that the seed skin mildew is rubbed and polished, and the seed particles obtain a certain speed and acceleration at the same time, resulting in a certain kinetic energy. The rubbing and rubbing of the sieve plate in the polishing chamber collides with the friction, and the seeds particles rub against each other during the process, so that the moldy part of the seed grain is peeled off and polished.


After rice shelling, it becomes brown rice, and brown rice removes most of the cortex and part of the embryo and becomes rice. The surface of rice flour contains a small amount of powder, which affects the appearance and storage of rice, and the taste of rice. Therefore, it is necessary to remove this part of the powder through the “polishing” process. Proper polishing can make the starch on the surface of rice. Qualified, showing a certain light. The effect of appearance is good and the value of the goods is improved.