Rice Grader Machine Features and Material Requirements


Rice Grader machine is designed for classifying the ric […]

Rice Grader machine is designed for classifying the rice into several levels, which is an essential attachment equipment in rice processing factory. Its technological process is much longer. This milled rice grader adopts three layers screen deck to divide four grades: super rice, normal rice, big broken rice and small broken rice, which can be also used in separating other grain stuff.

Rice grader machine features:

* This machine adopts multilayer shifting.

* It has large shifting area, long shifting route, the material in up-sieve and down-sieve may be shifted repeatedly.

* The sieve frame is drawer-type structure,easy to change and clean.

* Bumped triangular clean block is high flexibility, anti-abrasion and anti-aging, not easy to plug.

* Low noise, larger capacity, energy saving, reliable performance.

* You can adjust the machine turn speed according to different grading requirement.

* Metal wire woven mesh separate head rice and small broken rice, and the punched sieve separate normal rice and big broken rice, so as to achieve high precision grading effect.

Rice grader machine material requires:

This rice grader machine is much better of technological properties. When breakage rate of white rice is 35%, after grading, which can reach to less than 5% of super rice and less than 25% of normal rice, less than 20%of head rice of big broken rice, the small broken rice may not contain head rice. So this grader machine is best suitable for grade super quantity of broken rice in rice processing factory to meet the requirements of the provisions of the state, also be applied in process exported rice.