People Can't Live Without Rubber Roller Husker


With the continuous development of society, the living […]

With the continuous development of society, the living standards of the corresponding people have also increased. Rice is the staple food for people to eat. People's lives are inseparable from rice, and the output of rice has also increased a lot. In the production process, the rubber roller husker is a kind of mechanical equipment. With such equipment, the effect of the skin peeling effect on rice is not to appear rough rice in daily life, and the rice which is the freshest rice is given to people. It is the freshest rice in both the washing and the watching process.

In the process of manufacturing rubber roller husker, there are many accessories, like other mechanical machines, which are made up of multiple parts. Since the development of the domestic steel industry is relatively stable, the material of the steel mill is not lacking in the process of production, and the supply can be made in time. If the rubber roller husker is used for a long time, Will affect the whiteness of rice, can be adjusted to the grinding wheel, brushed with the wire inside, so that the rice produced is the best one, the produced rice has a good effect, the equipment is also a professional Production.

When using, it is necessary to pay attention to the matter. Before the operation, check the rubber roller husker to see if there are metal objects or stones to prevent adverse effects on the grinding wheel. After the rubber roller husker is used, it is necessary to clean the residual rice sugar to avoid affecting the accuracy of the sample. The number of top samples and the time of whitening are determined by the variety of brown rice, which is directly related to the precision of whitening. The case where the whitening time is too short is suitable for the number of low-precision samples in the range of 17-18 g. After the rubber roller husker is used, you can use the steel wire to wipe the powder and replace it as it is.