Paddy Husker - Operating Advantages in the Functional Characteristics


In order to promote the popularity of rice and increase […]

In order to promote the popularity of rice and increase the output, it has appeared as a multi-functional machine such as paddy husker. As a kind of mechanical equipment, the paddy husker uses scientific principles and forces to peel and peel the brown rice. The re-production and processing of brown rice, once the paddy husker was launched, received strong support from agriculture and gradually became popularized by more people.

As a kind of machinery widely used in agriculture, paddy husker has brought people very convenient and fast. In general, the main function of the paddy husker that we have seen or used in agriculture is to use the peeling and whitening of rice to make it look very beautiful. Today, we produce a variety of different types of paddy husker, such as iron rod paddy husker, sand roller paddy husker, combined paddy husker and so on. Among them, the iron rod paddy husker is the most widely used. And the majority of agricultural merchants are used by farmers.

The function of the paddy husker is to crush the rice into rice and separate different materials, such as separating rice and small broken rice, to prevent different varieties of rice from mixing together. Compared with the paddy husker, the rice produced by the equipment has the characteristics of high purity, and can automatically return the glutinous rice, thereby reducing the input of manpower, material resources and financial resources. The coarse grain processed by the paddy husker can greatly improve the taste of the food, and it will have a sweet taste when it is eaten, which is why the product is favored by the public.