Paddy Husker Machine is Easy to Operate


Paddy husker is a kind of separate sheller, suitable fo […]

Paddy husker is a kind of separate sheller, suitable for low voltage in rural areas. Rice is made into brown rice through sheller and then rice is milled into milled rice.

1.Small size, light weight, convenient operation, economical and applicable, as long as there are 220V power supply can be safely used.

2. Compared with the traditional rice mill:

① Can reduce 30 to 40% broken rice.

②Can grind 75-80 pounds of finished polished rice per 100 pounds of rice.

③The nutritional ingredients in the 3 rice are not damaged.

3.It can separate cereal from brown rice. Breeding poultry with rice bran can effectively reduce poultry disease and increase feeding quality (the oyster shell does not have any nutrients and is harmful).

4.The crusher can carry out various types of grain crushing, beating and other operations.

safety technology:

1. Before using the paddy husker, check all parts, such as no lubrication, no tension on the belt, loose screws, etc. Do not turn on the machine. If you find a boring car or unusual noise, stop and check immediately.

2. After the paddy husker is running, foreign objects such as hands, utensils, stones, ice, etc., can never enter the conveyor belt holder and the gear roller. Small straw roll out of grass rushes of grass should be promptly removed to prevent blocking straw.

3. It is not allowed to lock the shaft pin when walking, to prevent the machine from falling to the ground during travel.

Frequency adjustment:

1. The frequency conversion is accomplished by a small pulley installed on the lower roller shaft through the V-belt to drive the large pulley to complete deceleration. Power is transmitted to the screen through the connecting rod tripod.

2. When tensioning the belt, first loosen the bolt and loosen the stud, then use the lever to press down the big pulley and wait until the belt is tightened. Before tightening the bolt and then tightening the screw, check the relative position between the large screen and the rack position.