Paddy Cleaner Plays an Important Role in Agriculture


Paddy cleaner is used for cleaning, selection and gradi […]

Paddy cleaner is used for cleaning, selection and grading of grain processing machinery. Various types of grain cleaning machines use different working principles to separate grain particles from impurities. Paddy cleaners use woven wire mesh or punched metal plates as the screen surface. Can be divided Into reciprocating vibration or flat rotation of the flat screen surface and cylindrical screen surface around the axis of rotation.


Agriculture is the largest single industry in the world, and seed production is an important segment of this industry. Seed, as it comes from the field, contains various contaminants like weed seeds, other crop seeds, and such inert material as stems, leaves, Broken seed, and dirt. Therefore, paddy cleaner is required.


To check the performance of the paddy cleaner, a total volume of 1.15kg of uncleaned paddy consisting of 1kg of paddy, 0.05kg of dust and 0.1kg of sand was fed into the hopper. After the cleaning process, the output obtained was 1.022kg Of cleaned paddy with 0.994kg of paddy, 0.021kg of dust and 0.006kg of sand. If the performance of this machine is very efficient where most of the paddy produced is cleaned.