Introduction Of Sieve Hole Of The Paddy Cleaner


Paddy cleaner is used for cleaning, selection and gradi […]

Paddy cleaner is used for cleaning, selection and grading of grain processing machinery. Different types of grain cleaning machines use different working principles to separate grain particles from impurities. Paddy cleaners use woven wire mesh or punched metal plates as the screen surface. Can be divided into reciprocating vibration or flat rotation of the flat screen surface and cylindrical screen surface around the axis of rotation.

The mesh opening is slightly larger than the maximum diameter of the grain particles. Its role is to make grain and smaller impurities through the sieve hole, large impurities discharged as a sieve. The large miscellaneous sieve feeds the grain to the upper belt of the endless working mesh belt, and passes through the mesh hole together with the small impurities to fall onto the lower belt during the movement. The large large impurities such as paper sheets, sack sheets, rope heads, Masonry blocks, wood, and long straw are removed as screened material, and small impurities such as dust, sand, etc., are removed through the screen holes as the grain continues to flow through the fixed inclined screen surface at the exit. The grain is discharged outside the machine after strong suction treatment.

The main part of the cylindrical screen is a horizontal cylinder consisting of perforated screens, a brush for cleaning the screen holes, and suction dust removal equipment. The grain enters the inside of the cylinder and is discharged through the large screen hole. Large impurities accumulate on the screen surface and are discharged from one end of the cylinder. Both types of equipment are used for initial cleaning when grain is put into storage.

Sieve diameter is smaller than the smallest grain diameter, such as reciprocating vibrating screen, plane rotating sieve and high-speed vibrating sieve. The small particles of food particles can be removed through the sieve holes and the grain is discharged as a sieve. They are used in the cleanup process after the food is released and before processing. The cleaned grain is discharged as a sieve over the bottom layer. If you change the screen surface with a larger mesh, you can also use for initial cleaning. The reciprocating vibrating screen is driven by an eccentric shaft or a self-balancing vibrator and is generally equipped with a 3-layer screen surface. The sieve body of the plane rotary sieve is suspended by 4 groups of suspenders, and is driven by the balance wheel as a plane rotary motion. There are 2 layers of sieve surface. After changing its structure and working parameters, it can also be used to classify broken rice. The sieve body of the high-speed vibrating screen has a small-amplitude circular motion in the vertical plane under the centrifugal inertial force generated by the high-speed rotation of the balance weight on both sides thereof, and has 2 to 4 layers of screen surfaces. Used for the separation of rice dumplings, the effect is better.