Process and main equipment


Food processing technology can be divided into two cate […]

Food processing technology can be divided into two categories:
One type
Is the rice, sorghum, millet, millet and other raw materials shelled, peeled, crushed into grain finished food;
Another kind
Is the wheat, corn, barley, buckwheat, oatmeal and other raw grain removal cortex and germ, ground into finished flour.
Rice and other raw materials processing general process
The raw grain is cleaned first by the cylinder and then by the reciprocating vibrating screen, the high-speed vibrating screen, the specific gravity stone removing machine and the magnetic separation equipment (see food cleaning machinery) to remove various impurities, shell. The discharged coarse grain mixture is fed into the coarse grain separator. In China, the main development of flat rotary grate separation screen, the use of rice and brown rice in terms of particle size, specific gravity, coefficient of friction and flexibility differences, the unshutted rice separated and sent back to the trough machine; brown rice then into the rice Machine grind into white rice. Then finishing the finished product, remove the chaff grated broken rice, that is, the finished rice. Commonly used rice milling machine in rural China directly processed rice into white rice, but a lower rate of rice, broken rice more. Rice milling process and the use of the main equipment shown in Figure. Wheat and other processing process is the initial clearance of raw grain by the initial screening after the shaker, hit the wheat machine, sorting machine and washing machines and other impurities to remove dirt and stick to the surface of the dirt mud. After cleaning the net wheat by magnetic separation equipment to remove magnetic impurities into the mill grinding into powder, sieved through the sieve to extract the flour, the intermediate material and then into another mill grinding, so repeatedly extracted flour, and finally The bran is discharged after being processed by a bran brushing machine and a round sieve. Pure or pure endosperm granules are also separated from the intermediate material discharged from the mill and the sieve by the use of a duster during the preparation of the cate or top grade flour and further ground into fine and fine flour.