Huller Can Finely Separate Rice Husk


The huller is a grain processing machine that removes r […]

The huller is a grain processing machine that removes rice from the husk and makes brown rice. The rice husker or rice husker is an agricultural machine used to automatically remove rice chaff (shell). Throughout history, there are a large number of rice husk techniques. Traditionally, it will use some form of mortar and pestle to smash. An early simple machine did just that. Later, more efficient machines were developed to clean and polish rice.


These hullers are most widely developed and used in Asia. It can remove rice shells, reduce the explosion of rice grains and damage to the epidermis, and try to keep the brown rice intact. Mainly by the hopper feeding device, head device, chaff separation chamber, gear transmission, frame and other components. The common equipment for the husker is equipped with rubber roller husker, sand tray husker and centrifugal husker.


It is very important to separate the chaff (commonly known as big sugar) in the mixture under the armpit after the ravine. As the chaff has a large volume, a small proportion, and poor dispersion, if it is not separated, it will affect the process effect of the subsequent production process. If a large amount of chaff is mixed during the grain separation process, it will inevitably hinder the fluidity of the grain mixture and reduce the separation effect; if the chaff is mixed with more chaff, it will also make the grain hulling machine. The production volume decreased, power and rubber consumption increased. Therefore, setting the hull separation process after the sorghum valley plays an important role in improving the efficacy of subsequent processes; it also has important significance for the comprehensive utilization of husks.


In the work, it is necessary to ensure that the flow of the equipment is even and avoid the phenomenon of large and small flows. When the valley flow increases or decreases, the fan damper or air conditioning plate adjusts in time to maintain the normal separation effect. The quality of the exported materials should always be checked (especially when the vehicle is just driving). If any abnormalities are found, the wind power should be adjusted immediately. Should pay attention to check the fan speed, if the fan's belt is slack and the speed is reduced, tension measures should be used at any time, so as not to affect the work effect.