Do Regular Maintenance Work on the Paddy Husker


The paddy husker belongs to a kind of equipment with st […]

The paddy husker belongs to a kind of equipment with strong integrity. The design rationality is also very strong, so it will make it more convenient to use in practice. The superiority of the paddy husker is superior. It can be seen from many aspects. The use of paddy husker is very wear-resistant, and their working efficiency is also very high. Their use is to replace the manual operation steps, so it will increase the efficiency of work!

1. The advanced technology, the paddy husker adopts the new technology of first shelling and light milling, which completely solves the problem of hard milling with shells in the traditional process, easy to grind and uneven grinding.

2. The process is perfect, and the paddy husker can realize automatic and continuous operation from raw grain cleaning, stone removal, multi-stage shelling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to millet grading bagging and power distribution, with smooth process and convenient operation and maintenance.

3. Low energy consumption, the paddy husker avoids the traditional high-energy consumption equipment, all adopt new energy-saving equipment, and the unit energy consumption of the whole machine is minimized.

Carefully carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the paddy husker. In the annual overhaul, the motor is dismantled and maintained, the motor of the paddy husker is cleaned or replaced, the insulation is monitored, and the cooling system is perfected to ensure that the motor is running in good condition. It is necessary to ensure the quality of maintenance. When repairing the motor of the paddy husker, it is necessary to ensure that various parameters meet the technical requirements of the original machine, strictly control the quality of the replaced parts and the enameled wire, and correctly operate the various processes to prevent various hidden dangers caused by human beings and improve The quality of the motor after repair ensures that the control system can operate in good condition.