Different Types of china-zjlg Rice Processing Machinery


When harvesting rice, several unrelated items are taken […]

When harvesting rice, several unrelated items are taken away. These items need to be separated from the rice in order to start the rest of the process. Design various equipment to take care of this process. Grain processing or grain refinement refers to the arrangement of crystal grains with the aid of a grain processing apparatus by introducing more and more grain boundaries to prevent dislocation movement and increase the strength of the material. However, refined grains will reduce nutrients to some extent, which is why whole grains are considered more nutritious and healthy. The technology to refine grains is not complicated but cumbersome. In the past, in order to obtain wheat flour, it used to take a lot of time to crush the grain. But the machine simplifies the task. There are many kinds of food machinery on the market.

Rice destoner machine

It is used to remove the removal of stones and clods from the soil ridges. It can be used for a variety of cereals, such as rice, wheat, rice fields, etc. It helps control the dust of the rice mill. It is fast, reliable, effective and stable.

Paddy cleaner machine

This grain processing machine separates various large or small dust particles from wheat or rice fields. It is equipped with an efficient blower to suck away all the impurities in the food. The machine has a very rugged lifelong durability design. Its compact structure gives the user additional space savings. In addition, the machine does not have any dust leakage openings and it does not require regular maintenance compared to conventional cleaners.

Paddy separator machine

Gravity sorters or separators are slightly different from their counterparts. The process of this machine is somewhat different. It separates different grains from the mixture, impurities, insect damage and immature grains by pressing the deck with air. It is equipped with an adjustable fan to control the air volume distribution as needed. The machine is cumbersome, thus ensuring lifetime service. It requires minimal maintenance and operates very smoothly.

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