Detailed Introduction Of The Rubber Roller Husker


Rubber roller husker (small huller) has a compact struc […]

Rubber roller husker (small huller) has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, easy movement, low power consumption, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, and can process various varieties of rice, put rice husks and Rice bran is separated out, the rice rice rate reaches more than 72% and the broken rice rate is low. The processed rice is bright and white, delicious and very tasty. Household small rice mills can also be used for shelling and peeling processing of corn, wheat, barley, mung beans, buckwheat, and coffee. It is a good machine for on-site processing of individual households, urban supermarkets, food stores, and farmers' markets.

The rubber roller husker is a grinding machine consisting of power, feed, grinding and separation systems. The mating surface of the inner and outer grinding heads is cylindrical. Two radial bearings are used as two main supporting points on the top of the grinding head. The cylinders at the lower ends of the inner and outer grinding heads are used as auxiliary support points for rotation and are internally milled. The axial movement of the head adjusts the gap between the inner and outer grinding heads. Grinded grain is dropped directly from the grinding head gap to the Luo Di, and the adjustable gap brush and Luo Di separate the flour from the bran. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, good processing and installation processability, small volume, light noise, convenient operation and use, and is not easy to produce over-torque or bonding flour and the like. It is a new generation of products produced on the basis of digesting and absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad in combination with the national conditions of the country.

A roll mill for grinding grain on a roller type grinding machine is characterized in that a triangular strip-shaped roll tooth parallel to the axial direction is machined on the cylindrical surface of the roll, and the roll-type grinding surface is adopted by the utility model. Machine, high crushing strength, high efficiency of grinding surface, with obvious energy-saving effect, and the roller is not easy to damage by the common host and the host equipped with the rice movement, grinding machine core, grinder core and feed processing core. The cantilever shaft connected with the main shaft of the power single-phase motor extends into the cantilever shaft of the glutinous machine in the main casing, and the main body and the parts of the movement are designed with mutually-mounted cones, taper holes, threads, and screw holes. Coupling mechanism, the entire processing machine is supported on the stand. Set of rice, grinding, grinding, feed processing machine in one, the structure is very simple, compact and lightweight. Easy to use, flexible, and versatile, suitable for rural and miniaturized food and feed processing operations.