Brief Introduction and Main Advantages of Rice Polisher


Rice Polisher machine is used in producing and processi […]

Rice Polisher machine is used in producing and processing industry to polish high precision of rice for our daily life. The iron roller & wind spray polishing machine is consist of feeding hoop, spraying device, polishing device and machine body, which are able to polish effectively together. Only put the rice into the feeing hooper, then the rice will be sprayed with vaporific water by the spraying device, and then the rice sprayed will be polished and rub between the roller and rice screen in the polishing chamber, and after, the rice bran are expelled out and rice polished are discharged out, the high precision and shine bright rice are formed in the end.

Rice polisher advantages:

1. High rate of rice bran improves the degree of clean.

2. Improve the commercial value to extend the shelf life period.

3. Convenient to operate with the current and negative pressure display device.

4. Equipped with wind spraying device guarantees uniformity and steady of the rice surface to obtain high quality and low breakage rate rice.

5. Automatic consist temperature spraying device make the operation very easy and expenditure very lower.

6. Roller and rice screen can be turned stable and rub moderately to ensure the low.

7. Automatic feeding control device make flow of rice controllable to bright luster, clean and white and complete rice polished.

8. High quality machine components extend the service life and provide reliable working performance without the bigger maintenance cost.