A New Crawler Type Paddy Husker


The existing rice milling technology uses the method of […]

The existing rice milling technology uses the method of a drum rice milling chamber to process rice and is highly extruded under the action of internal milling. The working methods have many disadvantages, such as high power consumption, high broken rice rate, and loss of rice germ. The rate is high. The germ of rice is rich in vitamins, plant fiber and trace elements necessary for the human body. The nutrition is extremely rich. Therefore, with the progress of human social science, people are paying more and more attention to nutrition and health, and gradually changing the edible rice. The finer, whiter and better old habits, the germ rice is more and more popular. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the existing paddy husker to reduce the loss of rice germ during the paddy husker process.

Today we introduce a crawler type Paddy Husker, including a hopper, a discharge drum, a frame and a conveying mechanism. The frame is equipped with a rice knife. The conveying mechanism includes a driving wheel, a driven wheel and a cooperation with the driving wheel and the driven wheel. Conveyor belt, the hopper communicates with one end of the paddy husker passage through the feeding port, and the discharging cylinder communicates with the other end of the rice milling channel, and a plurality of boring strips are arranged on the conveyor belt, and the boring strips are arranged closely on the conveyor belt in the lateral direction, The paddy husker channel is formed between the cutting bar and the rice knife. The opposite side of the boring bar and the rice knife is a boring surface, and the adjacent rice knives have a space for the rice grains to be turned over. The utility model has high paddy husker efficiency, low power consumption, high retention rate, low broken rice rate and durability.