24 Hour Unattended "Shared" Paddy Separator


On the basis of the development of the Internet of Thin […]

On the basis of the development of the Internet of Things technology, the Paddy Separator has become a shared paddy separator through product development and mobile payment. The shared paddy separator is a fully automated machine that simply puts the rice into the barn and automatically separates the rice bran into the rice bran bag during the whitening process. The basic mode of sharing paddy separator: intelligent rice milling equipment + mobile APP + background management system.

The new internet of things intelligent paddy separator is an intelligent upgrade to the traditional paddy separator, and realizes the unattended function through the Internet of things technology. Traditional paddy separators are bulky and cumbersome, and are used only in most paddy separators, and the rice in the rice supply chain is in the front, and the rice that consumers can buy is less fresh.

With the development of paddy separators, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and there is a special paddy separator that can provide consumers with fresh rice that is now sold. However, because this paddy separator cannot be separated from human operation, the operating cost is too high, and the production efficiency is too low, which makes it impossible to spread widely.

Based on this, the new internet of things intelligent paddy separator applies the new operation mode to the traditional paddy separator process, self-service, self-settlement, reducing dependence on people and improving management efficiency.

Suddenly found no rice, just go downstairs to find equipment, click to buy rice, scan code payment, that is, take it. To a certain extent, it also reduces the time cost of consumers and enhances the shopping experience.

The birth of the automatic mill germ rice machine is for this purpose. It not only conforms to the trend of self-selling technology revolution, but also leads the new trend of life. More importantly, it sends the natural and pollution-free healthy green rice directly to the people. In addition to saving time in the queuing of rice, you can also buy fresh, high-quality, germ-stained rice that meets your taste at home. The new concept of healthy living is being sought after by more and more people, especially young people. 24 hours "standby", easy to manage intelligence, advocate scientific dietary concepts, escort for health, strength leads the new trend of green healthy life!